Right on and thank you! Looking forward to checking out that playlist!

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Nice piece, jep! I, too, was in on the Tubes back in the day. Not everything, but they were certainly a band worth going, "Hmmm, wonder what they're doing on THIS record!"

As a longtime fan of Todd Rundgren (even at the time), I was especially interested to see what he did when he produced the Tubes' "Remote Control" in '79, and their last for A&M, before starting their Capitol career with your mentioned "TCBP" album, produced by the nefarious David Foster!

You might find two things interesting: 1) Former Tube-ers, Vince Welnick (keyboards) and Prairie Prince (drums), performed on Todd's "Nearly Human" album in 1989. Their collabbed "The Want of a Nail" song is featured on my latest GBE Playlist: https://bradkyle.substack.com/p/grow-bigger-ears-11-the-audio-autopsy, if you'll pardon the link.

2) Plus, a 25-year-old David Foster was music director and keyboard player for FR&B's Stephen Michael Schwartz's second RCA album sessions in '75 (Stephen describes what went down, in his own words, plus supplies rare, exclusive in-studio photos from his personal collection, including a couple of Foster, and Elton John's rhythm section, recently fired by La Elton!): https://bradkyle.substack.com/p/musical-storm-the-stephen-michael

Thanks for the rare Tubes shout-out! 'Twas fun seeing and hearing "White Punks" again!

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